Frequently asked questions


Will I have to do any work?

Communication is one of the most important criterias when working with Innovate Social Media . Our team will reach out to you weekly, biweekly or monthly depending on the fee that works for your business. At the meetings we review the strategy, content, photos and your business plan of action that we will execute on your social platforms.

What type of businesses do we work with?

We believe that social media is the future of marketing and customer engagement. Essentially any type of business can benefit from having a strong social media presence. So if your business deals with customers, you need to be active with social media to attract new customers.

Do you research and create content?

Yes, we do extensive research and find information that is relevant to your followers. We can also create branded images for your social media accounts to help brand your business. 

Can I add additional money to my advertising budget?

Yes, you can add money for any specific event, post or live events.

How do you generate Facebook likes?

We use Facebook ads and invites to generate Facebook likes, using specific demographics and locations. This makes sure the people that like your page are interested in your services. We don't use any 3rd party sites to generate fake likes to your page. 

How often can I send information for my social media sites?

There is no limit of the amount of information that you can send us. The more communication we have about your business, the better job we can do coming up with content that will connect with your customers. 


Are all the posts the same across all social media sites?

Yes, normally the posts are the same across all of your social media platforms with some minor changes, depending on the social media site. For example, posts for twitter are limited to 140 characters, so we will have to modify the posts to maximize results. 

When do you start posting on my social media accounts?

We will immediately start posting to your social media sites once we have the set up completed. This includes providing Innovate Social Media access to the accounts.  

How quickly do you respond to user comments?

We monitor all of our social media sites. Our goal is to respond to the comment as quickly as possible. Please note that some customers comments may require input from the business, which could delay the response time.